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Prossima settimana, irrompe l

A new week, fall breaks with hurricanes loads of battle rain and more cold. Outlook »

Weather: New week, fall breaks with hurricanes. Forecasting

Next week, fall breaksAutumn tries! The New week In fact you will see some new typhoons crossed laden with Is raining airline Who will try to scratch the resistance of a summer that is still popular in many areas of the country.
To tell the truth, even in the last 48 hours weather forecast Signs of anxiety began to appear in some areas north Born in center, while elsewhere Sole NS hot the summer They were definitely the heroes.
In short, something is changing on a general scale and in the coming days the meteorological scenario in our country will take on more and more autumnal connotations.

So let’s take a quick look at what lies ahead in the next few days.
with start file New week And to be precise between Monday 20 and Tuesday 21, the residual cyclonic circulation still present in the west of our country will maintain rather unstable conditions in most north And on some sections center. The instability will manifest mainly in hours afternoon When it suddenly develops Shower Moreover Thunderstorms.
The South Instead, good weather will continue except for some timid disturbances near Monty.
At the same time, colder winds will begin to blow over Italy, which is also responsible for a general drop in temperatures that is initially more pronounced in the north-central regions, but also on Tuesday in the south.

On Wednesday 22nd we will witness a transitional period like the previous one Rotation hurricane The West will lose energy, leaving room for a comebackhigh pressure Which guarantees the conditions weather forecast Calm down except for some annoyance on Sardinia And on some sections centerSouth.
But the high pressure in its movement towards central and northern Europe will be precisely what will activate the descent of cold air masses directed towards the heart of the Mediterranean. The contrast between cold air and warm water in the Persians will lead to the formation of a new one whirlpool hurricane That’s between days Thursday 23 and Friday 24 It will quickly move its center of gravity from the Balearic Islands to Sardinia and then head towards the regions of Twelve O’clock. Here, then, the weather will indeed deteriorate rapidly in Sardinia at that time Thursday, in preparation for the eve weekend Much violent For the island, for a large part of the Tyrrhenian region from the center up to Sicily. This will be a prelude to a weekend that will begin with unstable weather only in the south while it will improve in the center thanks to the additional movement towards the east of the depression area.

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On the other hand, the northern regions, Tuscany and the central Adriatic regions would be out of the choir, as this new whirlpool would not be able to evoke any emotion, and the playing force would generally remain calm.

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