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Justin Bieber’s retirement: ‘It’s trash’

Justin Bieber’s retirement: ‘It’s trash’

Singer and girl Justin Bieber shocked fans with his harsh statements. Shocking disgusting web.

Born in Ontario in 1994, Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. Always passionate about music, from an early age he started getting close to different instruments like guitar, piano, trumpet and drums.

Justin Bieber makes serious accusations (web source)

It was 2007 when Justin’s life suddenly took an unexpected turn. After uploading some videos to YouTube in which he sings songs of different artists, the young famous producer Scooter Braun noticed his admiration positively.

Once he calls his mother and convinces her, Justin goes to Atlanta to record a demo and soon signs a contract with Raymond Brown Media Group where he meets singer Usher. The latter will organize an audition for him, which will lead him to sign a new contract with Island Records.

Career on the rise

in 2009,”OnceJustin Bieber’s first song. The song goes around the world in a very short time and the young singer releases his first CD entitled “worldwideFrom this moment on, Justin’s career begins to go uphill. Success does not prevent a lot from being Former US President Barack Obama invited her to sing at the Christmas party at the White House.

Since 2010, the year of his second album “My World 2.0.0 Update’, Justin never stopped. The next year is actually time for a Christmas album.”under the mistletoe“then say”BelievesA short break and then come back with.GoalAfter 5 years withthe changesThe last album to arrive in 2021 is called “justice“.

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the disease

The life of singers is not always rosy. Justin Bieber’s experience is really very painful. Over the years, she has spoken frequently about her mental health issues, particularly her struggles with anxiety and depression.

In 2020, it was announced that no fans wanted to hear about it. The singer, via his Instagram profile, He reveals he has Lyme disease and infectious mononucleosis This caused many problems, which forced him to cancel some concerts.

The ad shocked the masses

Justin Bieber isn’t new to controversy, but this time he seems to have stirred it up himself. through his Instagram profile had actually made a serious accusation against a famous fashion brand.

It seems that the Swedish clothing company H&M has produced a series of clothes in which Justin appears without the singer’s permission and approval. By urging his fans not to buy it, Justin himself defined viral promotion as “garbage.”

Justin Bieber Instagram 23122022
Justin Bieber posts stories on his Instagram profile

H&M immediately announced that it had complied with all necessary procedures to create the garments that would remain on sale. Soon after, the company turned around and decided to remove the pieces from stores.