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Jolanda Renga, daughter of Ambra and Francesco Spree

Jolanda Renga, daughter of Ambra and Francesco Spree

@tweet It’s a very important speech for me, thanks to those who will take the time to listen ❤️ #love your self #beauty #the love #TikTok ♬ Get the Moon – Kenna

“Fortunately, my dream is not to be beautiful or even to be a double of my parents – adds Jolanda -. My desire in life is to do important things, and this is important. I would like to try to improve the world, so I am happy with myself because every day I try to do something and give I’ve always thought the most important things are those that can’t be seen, so I care more about my soul than my face, because it won’t last forever, rather my heart and soul yeah and they should be kept pretty and clean.

“I would like to speak to those who feel like me, I would like to tell you that you are very special and that as long as you care and respect yourself and others, you will always shine in a different light. Good and kind people are really beautiful, ”the youth concludes.

Among the comments also in response to the father’s comment, Francesco Ringawho wrote: “Every day I watch you live, everything you say, every gesture you make… everything in your life brings me back to the meaning of existence.”

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