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Space, incredible news: the ninth planet has been discovered in the solar system. It is gigantic and has a very long orbit: this is the reason for its "escape"

Space, incredible news: the ninth planet has been discovered in the solar system. It is gigantic and has a very long orbit: this is the reason for its “escape”

Our solar system consists of many celestial bodies that maintain their orbit thanks to the sun.

Or rather, they hold it thanks to the force of gravity. Obviously, the Sun is part of this system, and then there are many celestial bodies such as asteroids and meteorites. In addition, there are five dwarf planets that we also find inside Pluto From 2006. the others CeresAnd the HaumeaAnd the Manufacture And the Iris. It is clear that next to these planets there are the best known planets, or that everyone knows about.

In order, starting with the sun, we find MercuryAnd the Venusours EarthAnd the MarsAnd the JupiterAnd the SaturnAnd the UranusAnd the Neptune. Of course, we have not yet talked about the satellites of these planets, the most numerous of which belong to Saturn. And there are more. One of Saturn’s moons is very similar to our Earth, with lakes, rivers, and oceans. We are talking about Titan. As you can see, we’ve listed eight planets, not nine, since another planet, Pluto, was downgraded to a minor planet in 2006. But according to recent research, those can be traced back to nine.

Discover Planet 9 at a very great distance from the sun.

It is very difficult to observe what is happening at very great distances from the Sun. This is evidenced by the fact that it was hard work to discover planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. After these discoveries, there were many scientists who checked that far part of space and thought that there is another planet in our solar system.

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However, no one has been able to verify its existence. We are talking about great distances from the sun, and even a hypothetical passage in front of its light would not give certainty of seeing it. However, recently there are those who claim to have discovered it. They are researchers at the California Institute of Technology.

According to these scientists, the planet exists, exists, and is at a distance from the Sun calculated twenty times greater than that between our beloved star and Neptune. And they also talked about dimensions. These are, in fact, really big. According to these studies, its mass should be ten times greater than the mass of the planet on which we live.

In short, a giant that lives in the darkest part of our solar system. And there are more. They also reconstructed the time it takes for this planet to complete its orbit around the sun. As we know, it takes the Earth 365 days to “go around” it. Well, this planet, on the other hand, takes 15,000 years.

Studies will continue for a long time to come. Suffice it to say that they have gone on without interruption for more than a century and a half. Once officially identified, that planet will have to pass tests that will lead to it being counted among planets, or among dwarf planets. Kind of like what happened with Pluto. We’ll see what happens, what researchers will be able to find out. On the other hand, the solar system and the universe are always fascinating subjects and discovering something new only adds to its mystical charm even more.

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