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Jinja has an average income of 22,106, Fabriano: here is the data

Jinja has an average income of 22,106, Fabriano: here is the data

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– Data from the 2023 tax returns relating to the 2022 tax year compiled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance highlight the average income in each Italian municipality.

The data has been reprocessed into an interactive map created by Withub that shows the numbers for each municipality (available in full here:

If we look at national data, the situation is unambiguous: you only have to look at the map of Italy (see image below) to understand that the north is richer, in terms of per capita income, compared to the center and the south. In particular, the regions of Alto Adige, Milan and the Po Valley lead the way and “light up” in bright red on the map, followed also by several Tuscan municipalities and the Rome region.

Markey reflects center averages (national average standing in 21.752 eurosThat is 1,007 euros more than 20,745 euros in 2021), with the “richer” areas towards the coast, even if the data for remote areas Changing Room (average income 23,005), Jinja (average income 22,705), and Fabriano (average income 22,106).

Among the regional capitals, the highest average income is Ancona with 23,618 euros, followed by Pesaro with 22,798 euros. Macerata with 22.636Ascoli Piceno with 21.873 and Fermo with 19.710.

Specifically, these are the data for the hinterland area of ​​Fabriano: Jinja 22705, Fabriano 22106, Cerrito Desi 20454, Rosaura 20323, Serra San Quirico 19198, Sassoferrato 19062.

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