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Jessica Selassie vs Rosalinda Canavu: 'Wrong, I acted from the start'

Jessica Selassie vs Rosalinda Canavu: ‘Wrong, I acted from the start’

Jessica Selassie He is one of the undisputed heroes of this edition of Big Brother VIP. in competition with you Sisters Clarissa and Lucrezia SelassieThe Grand Princess revealed herself a lot in the first few weeks of reality TV.

During a conversation in the living room with ClarissaAnd Raffaella VicoAnd topic stevens and the syrianyAnd Jessica Make a disturbing consideration against one of the competitors of the latest version of sleep.

Let’s talk aboutSicilian actress Rosalinda Canavu, which, inside a houseRather, he had argued about various issues related to his work and private life. enter like Adua del Vesco In fact, he slowly tried to separate himself from the character to rediscover his true identity.

In addition to being complicit in getting out of Gabriel JarkoAnd admitting the wrong relationship Canavu She was criticized for her bad relationship with her Diane Melo. Then again, for a love story born in the spotlight with Andrea Zingawhen she was still engaged to her now, Giuliano Condorelli.

A character who created quite a few dynamics inside the Cinecittà loft, and who the greatest princesses are Selassie, just did not go to genius. These are the assertive words of Jessica, About

For me, the one I didn’t like at all was Pretty Rose. Fake from the first day I entered here. Starred.

Al Chi, syriany to reply: “I loved her instead!” Find the dry answer Jessica: “for nothing!”

In the meantime, predictably, people on the web were clamoring for a comparison of the two. Pretty Rose In fact, it is currently in the process of coordinating Chee’s houseAnd who knows who will not respond – at least indirectly – to the provocation of a rival Big Brother VIP.