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How to Avoid Paying Car Tax: Four Solutions to Know

How to Avoid Paying Car Tax: Four Solutions to Know

To pay car tax or not to pay? The Supreme Court issues motions to appeal and avoid payment in certain situations. Let’s find out which ones.

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The car tax It is a tax that is paid every year regardless of vehicle use. All motorists are obligated to pay even if they leave the car parked in the garage, even if they are outside for a long time, the penalty paying off of penalties Or apply serious measures. Since there is no advance notice of payment, it often happens forget To pay the amount due on time as there are many cases where a person decides consciously Failure to pay tax based on the statute of limitations. Various situations that can lead to do not pay car tax, Let’s see how.

Forfeiture of the deadline for submitting the request for reimbursement of vehicle tax

Citizens should respect the law governing the payment of car tax but at the same time they should respect the tax authorities as well It has rules To be respected in connection with the request to pay tax. Specifically, in order to collect the stamp duty, it will be necessary for the district collection authority to send to the vehicle owner push notification. The relevant notice must be sent by On December 31 of the following year on the payment due date. After this time frame, the application will no longer be legitimate and the car owner may not pay the car tax.

Recipe, another solution to be checked

According to the law, vehicle tax is required to be paid The limitation period is three years. Thus, contributions to pay should refer to the past three years and not to the previous period. This expiration date is not valid for sending a push notification but for tax invoices that will be sent later.

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If the stamp duty was notified after three years may be canceled by the Regional Tax Commission. For amounts less than 3 thousand euros, the driver can proceed with the appeal individually. For higher amounts, an attorney will be required.

Check the notification to avoid paying car tax

The steps stipulated in the law are to send the push notification and only after the payment volumes have been shipped. The order cannot be changed, under pain of canceling the entire procedure. Therefore, the taxpayer can report a No notification From the precursor and thus challenge the vol. If there is no certain evidence that the notice has arrived in the hands of the motorist, the file will be illegal and the car tax will not have to be paid.

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Calculate the interest

The last solution refers to non-payment of vehicle tax due benefit. According to the law, in fact, interest and the amount to be paid as capital cannot be included under a single item in the volume. Specifically, interests They must be separated And to make clear references to different pensions. We are on the topic of administrative transparency and it could be a major opportunity Don’t pay car tax.