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Jeep Avenger: All-wheel drive arrives with 4xe

Jeep Avenger: All-wheel drive arrives with 4xe

Now it’s a real jeep – the Pocket Avenger This was the first model from the American company for which all-wheel drive was not available when it debuted. The gap is now being closed 4xe versionwhich completes the range of best-selling small cars in Italy.

Two electric motors – the Jeep Avenger 4xe It is powered by a new 136 hp 48V 1.2 three-cylinder mild-hybrid engine also used in other models of the Stellantis range, as well as a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, inside which there is a 28 hp electric motor, which drives the car’s front wheels. Then there’s a second Electrical engine Mounted on the axis AssIts power is 28 HP and its operation is always guaranteed even if the 48 volt battery is empty. this way Jeep Avenger 4xe It delivers 36 PS and 25 Nm more than its front-wheel-drive sibling, allowing for faster acceleration (0-100 km/h in 9.5 seconds) and a higher top speed (194 km/h).

Improves rough terrain – But above all when you move away from the new asphalt Jeep Avenger 4xe It promises to improve the already good qualities of front-wheel drive. Not only thanks to the pair of electric motors, but also thanks to important improvements, e.g Rear suspension Specifications (with Multiple link 4-lever), off-road angles (22° elbow, 21° bump, 35° exit), 10mm increase inHeight from ground (now 21cm) and a wading capacity of up to 40cm. The Avenger 4xe promises superiority slopes Approximately 40% even on difficult terrain such as gravel and up to 20% in the absence of complete grip on the front axle. Up to 30 km/h All four wheels provide traction, with a 50:50 split; Fall 30 a 90 km/h Traction on the rear axle is only activated at the request of the control unit, although the rear electric motor always remains connected to the axle for any sudden needs. above 90 km/h, The rear electric motor is disconnected to reduce fuel consumption and the car moves only thanks to the front wheels.

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A setting for every occasion – To improve adhesion Jeep Avenger 4xe The Selec-Terrain system intervenes on difficult terrain, allowing the driver to choose between different driving modes. in to All-wheel drive is available on request only and is a mode designed for everyday driving. in snow You get improved stability control and intelligent all-wheel drive, for traveling even in winter conditions. Sand and clay It is a mode designed for uneven terrain and provides automatic gear ratios specific to these situations. Finally the method sports Enhances the power and torque of the 4xe system, adding electronic drive to the rear wheels. Exclusive to the Jeep Avenger 4xe is the multi-link rear suspension, which optimizes the axle articulation for better off-road comfort.

Off-road preparation – Some changes have also been made to the design Jeep Avenger 4xe. For example, standard roof rails and tow hooks are part of the standard equipment for this version. The fog lights have been redesigned and positioned slightly higher outward to improve visibility at night. It has fenders Scratch resistant finish: The front part exposes the wheel, providing greater grip on rocky terrain, and is equipped with a higher and more prominent cover to protect the license plate from impacts. Among the options we find opaque adhesive tapes that not only have an aesthetic function, but also help avoid sun reflections while driving. Fits as standard M+S tires With black rims, while All Terrain wheels can be chosen as an option. Inside, I am Seating It is made of a more resistant material, completely waterproof and protected with an anti-stain and anti-mud solution. the Box It’s the same as the front-wheel drive version from the load floor up, but the double bottom is smaller: the result 325 litres For 380 overall.

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