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Supermarket, beware of these names: everyone has their own names

Here are the best commercial products you can stock from Aldi, Carrefour, Conad and Lidl according to Altroconsumo.

Altroconsumo has compiled a list of the best products from these large supermarket chains. Find out in the article.

Best Products –

The best products according to Altrokonsumo: Carrefour, Aldi, Conad and Lidl

Italians appreciate me more and more Brand Products Because they cost less than those of the big brands. But are they really as good as the others? Well, help to understand it comes from Altroconsumo which tells us which ones They have been proven to have excellent and good quality during laboratory tests.

Food prices, as everyone knows, have gone up a lot. These increases, however, are also added to other electricity bills such as – + 59% – Gasoline and diesel.

Therefore, getting to the end of the month without getting into debt has become a problem for families. Mrs. Rosa explains that you are giving up something. “If I was once obsessed with branded pasta, now I am satisfied with this branded supermarket,” he adds. “With my pension, in fact, I can do nothing else.”

Not only is Ms. Rosa acting this way but many other retirees and workers, like her, need to cut expenses to keep going. So what are the best commercial food products according to Altroconsumo?

The best products to be included in the shopping list according to Altroconsumo

Happy- Shopping

Moment shopping slogan is Saving Money The prices are very high even in the supermarket. The National Consumer Federation recently put together a ranking of the most expensive food products. In the first place, as everyone imagines, there is an oil other than olive oil such as corn or sunflower. In fact, it rose by 59.4%. The problem is that in the past two weeks, even olive oil has seen a significant increase.

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Then there’s butter at 38.1% and rice at 26.7%.margarine and other vegetable fats by 26.4%, and dry and fresh pasta by 24.6%. followed by milk with an increase of 24.4%, then flour with an increase of 24.2%, Vegetables such as peas, zucchini, peppers are grown by 21.4% and cabbage by 19.6%.

Altroconsumo’s latest analysis helps those who buy save money Supermarket brand products. The Consumer Protection Association took into account all those tested in recent months by dividing the scores in alphabetical order.

Altroconsumo starts from the supermarket Aldi. Well in the detergents and detergents category, the best is Tandil Oxi Stain Removing Powder and Tandil Concentrated Lemon Hand Dish Cleaner. For paper and baby products, the best is recycling Kokett toilet paper and Mylove diapers.

The best branded food products Carrefour I Creamy sweet white yoghurt, oat flakes, fiber plus and bio tomato pulp from Carrefour. In the detergents and detergents category, there is the Carrefour Expert precision washbasin that is also rated as the best in the test and the best buy.

Then there’s Carrefour 24 hour antiperspirant deodorant which also received the titles Best Test and Best Buy. Then there’s the Soft Green Normal Air solid shampoo, the Carrefour Margherita pizza, and the Carrefour Margherita pizza. Croquette with chicken, turkey and Carrefour natural mineral water.

Among the best branded products Konad There’s the white yogurt, the extra-fine tomato pulp, and the organic flour that also rated the best in the test. Then we find extra virgin olive oil, cereal and Conad Eco . dish detergent Which received the Best Green Choice award.

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