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«I've always been the evil queen» –

«I've always been the evil queen» –

Rosanna Fratello reciprocates Ornella Fanone, who spoke (badly) about her on Sunday evening on the program “Che Tempo Che fa”. “Dear Ornella, I heard your speech about me this evening on Che Tempo Che Fa. How much did you say!!!,” Big Brother veteran Fratello wrote on social media, adding: “I remind you that I did not just sing ‘I am a woman, not a saint.’” My fans know that I was lucky enough to have a career Long and full of satisfaction between songs and cinema. I had a wonderful opportunity with Strehler, as the heroine in the film Sacco e Vanzetti, directed by the great Giuliano Montaldo, a film that traveled the world. I was only 20 years old when we were in the same record company, and I was almost a double. You could have given me some good advice, why not become my friend, but instead you were always like the evil queen, that queen from Snow White!!!”, concluded Rosanna Fratello.

Fanone da Fazio recalled when she stopped cooperating with a well-known record company: “He no longer follows me. He said to me: ‘Look, I have Rosanna Brother, you will see…’. But you will see what? I immediately replied: ‘You will see, it is written on his forehead that he cannot He did it!” Fabio Fazio, who was surprised by his guest's statements, intervened, trying to fill the gap: “What are you saying? He was very successful, and he had an important career. That's not true, come on.” However, the singer went straight as a train and continued to tease her colleague, saying that she had made one really famous song: “Success? Eh, the song ‘Don’t Take Me Into the Woods at Night’. I’m afraid of the woods at night. A! This away, that away. This “Rivalry? But what a rivalry. I'd say it was written on his forehead.”

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