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Italy International Award, Learn International Talent on Stage - In Tempo

Italy International Award, Learn International Talent on Stage – In Tempo

Rome, 27 September. (Labitalia) – Following the success of the two editions of 2020 in celebration of its tenth anniversary, Learning Italy to present new international and Italian talents and to excel with the ‘Learning Italy International Award’ is an annual recognition given to individuals or groups representing the best Italy internationally in Rome and New York. And the Italian Overseas Festival for 2021 will be held in the Press Room of the House of Representatives and will be held on October 1 in the presence of journalists, television, national and international media, and with the intervention of Deputy Fitzgerald Nichols in the North Foreign Volume and Central America.

“I am very pleased – Massimo Vesia, President and CEO of Lens Italy Communications USA, has been handling international training programs for over 10 years, but the Italian Talent Promotion and World Excellence Award – has not only been a recurring annual fixed appointment between New York and Rome Various cities have established themselves for the quality and prominence of the award.

“For this edition, for this award, the third – he mentions – I have decided with the board to extend the award to personalities who have represented Italy in the best way in recent years and established themselves on the international stage. .

The prizes for the third edition of the ‘Learning Italy International Award’ will be presented to the News Mediaset launch team, thanks to Claudio for Director Andrea Pucci and Tgcom24 Editor-in-Chief Pavlo Ligori; My Journey ‘founder and Maria Louisa Rossi Hawkins, journalist and media face of the historical set with the TV show’ A Stelle e Stripes’. They were joined by the Career Award for Stefano de Oracio and the Talent Award for Italian excellence Ilaria Legado.

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The festival will be an opportunity to present a variety of initiatives that will start and integrate learning Italy during this period, and it has received a new impetus, and thanks to the decision of the Biden administration to remove the travel barrier that blocked access to the benefit, many people from Italy and others.

“The decision to lift the travel ban – he underscores – makes the ban very meaningless and risks permanently blocking transnational activities between Italy and the United States. We will do our part, and in a more structured way to give firm support to those realities that want to open in New York. And from there to the American world. ”

“I am delighted – he adds – to announce our entry into the family of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce in New York as our talented and distinguished partner.

“Promising projects for Vesia – especially from the resumption of cultural tourism in southern Italy, especially thanks to the central role of our Learning Italy Napoli office as a reference point for the Mediterranean region.

“With this – he reiterates – we will continue the projects we have already started with internationally renowned entrepreneur, mentor and performance coach, Learning with him Italy already planning a series of events and activities that will affect not only Italy, but the United States as well”.