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Italy-Germany looks at Materella Merkel: ‘Has been engaged in rigorous analysis of the past for some time’ – Politics

Republican leader Sergio Muttarella was talking to Angela Merkel in Berlin. The head of state arrived at the Chancellor after 10 p.m. Yesterday he met with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“It is time to restart. We have laid the foundation for the future of the European Union.

Today we celebrate with the firm determination to continue the strongest understanding between Italy and Germany.

“The classic and compelling challenge facing our nations Make a plan for the future together. The bilateral and European program, which is based on sharing choices and responsibilities, proves to live up to the aspirations of our fellow citizens and can provide answers to the expectations of the younger generation. Take this path It means absorbing the lessons of history. Germany and Italy have been engaged in rigorous analysis of the past for decades. We lived moments of reality together. “

“The growing challenges we face in the global context must reflect the causes of greater solidarity between member states. I firmly believe that even in this response Germany and Italy can make their inevitable contribution. Efforts to mediate between sensitive and ever-inconsistent sentiments. Ensuring a more independent contribution to Europe in matters is, in fact, in the interest of all member states, large or small.

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