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A terrifying prophecy about 2022, the worst year?  - Free daily

A terrifying prophecy about 2022, the worst year? – Free daily

The world will not find peace. for the lady Baba Vanga2022 will be overtaken by a new pandemic. The visionary had already predicted in 2020 the arrival of an infection that will affect everyone and for a long time. This is why his new words are so worrying. The prophecy says that the woman is “human.” They will get used to a new virus.”. How and what will happen is unknown, but according to experts, Vanga’s sign can be connected with it new strain of covid-19.

Not only. Baba also speaks of a second prophecy that foretells “Many natural disasters. Many living things were destroyed here. Not only that, the survivors would die of a serious illness. “In 2020, the prophetess announced changes at the political level, but not all of them came true.” Hard times will come,” the premise was. And yet how do you deny it. “People will be divided according to their faith. We are witnessing devastating events that will change the destiny and destiny of humanity. Donald Trump He will suffer from a mysterious illness that will leave him deaf and cause brain trauma.”

However, none of this happened. She then addressed the words to Putin: “Someone in Russia is going to try to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin And Islam, extremists will use an arsenal of chemical weapons against Europeans. “If there is no evidence in the first part, in the second part we can believe that Baba got it right. In Afghanistan.

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