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Italian Entrepreneur: "A Thousand Jobs in Kazakhstan"

Italian Entrepreneur: “A Thousand Jobs in Kazakhstan”

A country with “incredible opportunities”, with a “super-strategic” geographic location linking the Caspian Sea to China and a business-friendly environment that puts entrepreneurs in the best conditions thanks to “government support for investments designed to accommodate small and medium-sized companies, even multinational companies”. Marco Beretta has twenty years of knowledge of Kazakhstan and its economic fabric as evidenced by his role as President of the Italo-Kazakhstan Trade Association (ASIC).

In an interview with Adnkronos, he explains the reasons why it is worth investing today in Kazakhstan, where a constitutional referendum will be held on Sunday which – he explains – will contribute to further deregulation of the country and will have “definitely positive” consequences in the economic level in the short and long term.

While most referendums held in the past were intended to “extend” the powers entrusted to the president, the “specificity” of this referendum is that it is “required to change the constitution by reducing or eliminating the powers assigned to the president of the former ruling class,” he says. Beretta, under which the June 5 vote will open the birth of “new independent political forces that will create a fertile foundation for the development of a young democracy like Kazakhstan. It is an important step that opens the doors to freedom of political expression that may have been partially lacking in the country’s growth process.”

The entrepreneur explains that Kazakhstan is a country that combines development and favorable conditions for doing business. In addition to being a “compulsory corridor for logistics moving from China to Europe”, Kazakhstan is experiencing “a growth in internal standards with a relative demand for products and services of international standards. There is an almost unlimited abundance of raw materials and special economic zones have been created for any activity ” . Without neglecting the tax benefits and ease of obtaining work permits for entrepreneurs.

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The Italians – continues Beretta – have a chance to seize a great opportunity, but they must “hurry because the world is redesigning itself and soon everything simple can now turn into a very competitive environment”. “The problems that can be encountered in Kazakhstan are the same as those that can be encountered in any other developed country – this is determined by the head of the ACIK – with the advantage that in Kazakhstan, and especially for Italy, there is always a local partner who is ready to cooperate and help solve them.”

According to some observers, the development of the country, albeit in part, is affected by the conflict between the circle referring to former President Nazarbayev and the new leadership of Tokayev. For Beretta, Nazarbayev has “certainly been a great help to the internationalization of Kazakhstan” and has also begun the second phase of the country’s development, by resigning and leaving the leadership to a highly trained successor who proves his ability to manage on all fronts the challenges posed by internal and external situations.”