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It was solar powered

It was solar powered

I’ve stayed in outer space For nearly 3 years, conducting a variety of scientific experiments for NASA It carries a satellite into orbit. Today’s American Secret Shuttle X-37B He returned to the ground, and landed to me Kennedy Space CenterFlorida, 908 days after departure. This is a new space record Unmanned mini shuttle Able to re-enter like an airplane, which is very reminiscent of the old space shuttles but with a miniature version, mainly used for missions carried out by the armed forces. The X-37B has been kept secret for ten years, but the Space Force is now proudly displaying it.

X-37B returns to Earth after 908 days

The X-37B shuttle was launched in May 2020 aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, and completed its sixth mission, the longest so far, during which it conducted a series of scientific experiments for NASA And it brought into orbit a small Air Force satellite called FalconSat-8. Other privacy:The shuttle is powered by solar energy.

“This mission highlights the Space Force’s focus on collaborating in space exploration and expanding access to low-cost space for our partners, both within and outside the Department of the Air Force (DAF).” the general commented in a statement. Saltzman’s ChanceChief of Space Operations.

First launched in 2010, the X-37B is an uncrewed robotic shuttle that has been perfected over the years for increasingly complex and long-duration activities in orbit, the last of which lasted about two years. “With the addition of the service module, it was the longest mission in orbit with the X-37B and we are proud to be able to demonstrate our new and flexible capabilities to government and our partners,” he said. jim shelton, Vice President, Boeing Space & Launch Corporation.

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