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Weather report. USA, Winter Trials. It is cold and snowy even in the plain «3B Meteo

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First snowfall in Texas and Oklahoma. A large low pressure system positioned over Canada and a feed of cold air from the Arctic will affect the weather in much of the United States during the week. The descent of cold air already extends into the heart of the American continent, and soon a series of disturbing impulses will pass. Snow falls even at lower elevations. Already on Monday, some cold air has reached southern states like northern Texas and Oklahoma, as well as parts of the Midwest. There is some snow.

About 5 centimeters of snow is coming across the Midwest. But the highlight of the event is expected in the coming days. By Tuesday The first snow of the season will reach the plains of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Sometimes the white shield can reach a thickness of 5 cm, which creates some difficulties in road transport. Heavy snowfall is expected in western Oklahoma, where new snow thicknesses may exceed 10cm.

3 cm in the Northeast through Wednesday. On Wednesday, parts of the Midwest will likely struggle with more snow, mainly concentrated in the Mid-West states. Further east, on the other hand, will not have warm conditions to allow snow to fall to the plains. During this time heavy snowfall will also be seen in the northeastern states of the United States Inland areas of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire will see peaks of up to 30cm, while along the coast, temperatures will be very high and precipitation will fall in the form of rain.

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