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Lightening hair without dye: natural remedies you can do at home

Lightening hair without dye: natural remedies you can do at home

Do you want to lighten your hair in a completely natural way? Here are the different treatments you can try at home: Simple but effective.

With the advent of spring, and even summer, many people, especially those who already have… Poetry A Fairly light colour, They tend to Desire to mitigate More and more of the latter. Usually we think that to perform this operation, which is considered very “difficult”, we need to go to an expert, a hairdresser who is able to meet all our needs. But the latter will use dye and we don't always like this option.

Let's see together How to make it perfect and light using natural products we all have at home. It will be a children's game: Ready?

Lightening hair at home: a simple and effective method

for every lighten your hair, As we said earlier, many people resort to the help of hairdressers, thus mixing colors that allow them to create new reflections and above all completely warm and natural colors. But nowadays, with a little knowledge and above all with a little patience, all this can be achieved starting with only natural ingredients.

Many of them, some of which we'll see below, seem to have a unique effect on the hair, giving it a shine and color that dye can't create. Ready to discover them?

Lighten hair with natural products
What are the natural products to lighten hair (

Among the different Natural remediesOf course, we find the following:

  • Chamomile. The number one natural remedy used to lighten hair is definitely chamomile. In addition to being a delicious and useful drink for relaxing muscles and allowing the body to rest better at night, it is also ideal for lightening hair. In this case, to get the desired effect, simply place a chamomile bag in a cup of hot water, wait until it cools and moisten your hair with it. Leave it for 4-5 hours and rinse: the reflections will be great!
  • Lemon. Lemon, on the other hand, is often used for “targeted highlights,” meaning it can only be used on small sections of hair. In this regard, to use it you have to take a brand new toothbrush and dip it in lemon juice, then pass it over the hair strands that you want to lighten.
  • flexible. Finally we have black tea which is used to create wonderful warm reflections. You will need to steep 3 black tea bags in 200ml of water. Mix all the ingredients, then apply the solution to clean hair and leave it for half an hour. Then rinse it off and voilà: your reflections will appear in an instant!
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In short, all natural remedies are highly recommended by experts. Just one thing to note: it is best to try one of them, initially on only a small section of hair, to avoid the risk of allergic reactions.