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Isola dei Famosi, Vaporidis speaking to the man of Luxuria, who answers: Bring respect

Isola dei Famosi, Vaporidis speaking to the man of Luxuria, who answers: Bring respect

A clash at L’Isola dei Famosi between the actor and columnist on the show, who accuses him of manipulating other outcasts. From a distance Vaporidis turns to Luxeria saying “Dear Vlady” and the answer is cold.

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Bickering on the famous island of Ben Nicolas Vaporidis and Vladimir Luxoria. The castaway had clashed with the program’s columnist after the Russian couple was excluded from the program, which was also released due to the nomination created by Vaporidis. The actor last week caused them to collectively vote them out using unconvincing reasons and saying, essentially, to name them based on the belief that the two, as the strongest, could have eliminated the pair consisting of Carmen Di Pietro from television and his son. Alessandro, actually hated by the whole group:

The appreciation I have for them is enormous. I have great respect for them, they are exceptional people who have done everything. I thought they could defeat Alessandro and Carmen and I also, like many, have no respect for them.

Elimination of the Russian couple, Tab Vaporidis

So he explained his reasons, and immediately found the paradox of Luxuria in return: “I knew Nicolas as an actor, and today I know him as a director. I think he wanted to get rid of the Russian couple and his justification is false.” Vaporidis did not take it well and replied: “Respect other people’s motives, I may have made a mistake, but there is no direction behind it. I have respect for these two people and I still display that.”

Clash with Vladimir Luxoria

The bickering, which seemed to be over, was the second half after the Russian couple was eliminated: First, Vaporidis said. Criticizing the audience who saved Di Pietro and his son by favoring trash:

He loves to continue seeing the mother and son dynamics between them, when instead, if Alessandro had broken up at the age of twenty, he would have made a trip alone and we would have had the chance to get to know him better. Clemente and Laura beat each other from morning to night, build huts, go fishing, try to create a reality show that isn’t just about bickering, fighting for a piece of coconut, to make us miserable tigers because that’s the way we go and that’s you care.

“Who are you to decide who is rubbish and who is not? Lower the feathers,” then said Luxuria, attacking Vaporidis again: “Dear Vlady, you are from the top of your academy…” Vaporidis turned to her, immediately interrupting: “In the meantime, say ‘Dear,’ Vlady, if we want to talk about respect.” Then the actor tried to defend himself:

Respect yourself because I respect your opinion and you give me the way out.