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Are they at odds?

Famous comedian Nino Vrasica makes statements about his relationship with Terrence Hill, with whom he worked for many years on the fictional Don Mateo. Let’s see what he said.

Nino Frasica is The famous Italian comedian who has more than fifty years of working in television behind him. He is currently a regular guest on the programme Rai 3 Che Tempo che Fa where every week a very interesting column called Novella Bella is shown.

Not only that, Nino Frasica has acted for several years in the famous fantasy Don Matteo enjoys great success with the audience. Therefore, he supported the Sicilian comedian and actor for many years Terence Hill, the historical hero of Don Mateo, with whom he formed a good friendship.

But now that Terrence Hill has given up on the fantasy in which he was the main character, and Raoul Bova has taken his place How are their relationships In a recent interview, Nino Frasica said something about himself and his relationships on the set.

The occasion is the presentation of his latest book called Paula. True story, A novel based on a The story that actually took place in Sicily at the end of the eighties. Regarding this book, Vrasica declares that there are some stories inside that are taken from people he knew but who are fictitious or have fictitious names to try to do so. protect their privacy.

Plus, the novelty is just that Nino Frassica will be one of the protagonists of the new season of Lol – Chi Ride è fuorithe program produced by Amazon that brings together a series of comedians in one room for six hours and These should never laugh at the pain of removal.

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In short, many projects are in the pipeline Frassica specifically including the novel thanks to which it is going ahead with a good promotional campaign. In an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Frasica talks about his work but also about someone he is very close to.

Interview with Nino Frasica

The comedian spoke with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni journalist Paolo Fiorelli, telling a little about himself and his experiences. But of course there was the fateful question about her relationship with Terrence Hill.

This is what Francesca said:I miss Terence Hill but I have to say Raul Bova has a lovely personality and we work really well together. I am fond of Marshal Cecchini, even if he is a little intrusive. The only thing I don’t like about this group is getting up early, even at six in the morning.

With the actor Don Mateo, she has maintained an excellent relationship thanks to the many years she has spent side by side. From March he will return to the collection of fictional works for a long period of up to nine months. In fact, the comedian concluded the interview with his usual vigor, sneering at what to do Don Matteo, after all, is nothing more than a real rebirth!