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“My name is not that,” Filippo Bisiglia is on the rampage due to the loud blunder, details

“I’ve always known I had a difficult nickname to pronounce but…” Lyrics of Filippo Bisiglia. Here’s what happened.

On June 27, Filippo posted a video on his social channels. History was not at all accidental, as Filippo explained, it was the period when the first episode of the show should have been broadcast that made him known as the host. This year Fascino decided not to produce the new version of the program and Filippo received many letters. Filippo on social media has close to a million followers and he knows they are the result of the huge media exposure he received from Maria De Filippi’s summer programme. It’s August now, but the emptiness of not attending the standoff encounters and the dynamics of Is Morus Relais can still be felt. There are many users who have switched to Filippo’s profile and started following it meticulously to partially make up for this shortcoming.

Filippo and the nickname that can not be pronounced. The Story of the Experience Island Host

Although Filippo has not appeared on TV, he has kept us company with several episodes this summer. His Instagram stories became the new videos we used to see kids being handed to a fire. It was supposed to be the ninth edition of Summer 2022 and Canale 5 fans are still struggling to accept it. Some are still hoping for a return to the air of the VIP program in September, even the ones that Maria De Filippi’s fans love. Anyway, fortunately, Filippo is very active on social media. This is what happened to the captain.

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Filippo told in his stories last night that he went to his friends in the car. The gentleman at the entrance asks Filippo for the surname mentioned on a piece of paper. Back in his car, the bandleader and ex-Givino dash, who found the note they wrote at the entrance when he called his family’s name, kicked off. “I’ve always known I had a difficult nickname to pronounce, but I want to tell you this.” He begins to tell the story from when he left the name until he went to his car and found his nickname completely broken. “What is written?”, Filippo asks his followers to show the note that was supposed to bear the surname Bisciglia. Bets Disciglia, Dascilla, and Dasilla attempt to explain the mysterious nickname that has been put in place for Bisciglia.

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