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Return to television with a legendary show


Will Fiorello return to Rai with a legendary show? The latest rumors about the showman’s future on television.

Fiorello remains in Rai and does not seem to be following his friend for this year at least Amadeus Which we will now see on Discovery more officially than ever before (Here’s the news of the new show he should host). However, it leaves the format that we’ve been able to offer Ray the last couple of years, and perhaps something he’s never seen before: let’s talk about Long live Ray 2. From the colorful performances to the funniest gags, and even the controversy caused by the audience in Via Asiago, who just asked to be able to sleep in peace.

Fiorello and his team bid farewell to the public in May, and the Sicilian showman, when it was time to say goodbye, wrote to several of his fans that he would see them again in what would be his next “idea.” Obviously, it depends not only on the inclination or will of the individual, but also on what the company is able to do and the different positions in the timelines. Clearly there was a suggestion and it was about a program that is nothing short of legendary and has been a mainstay for years and years.

Fiorello returns to present a legendary show on Rai 1? Indiscretion

It is a shame to have a professional like Fiorello and keep him standing on the bench, without hosting a prominent program that could have weight in the state television proposal. He has always shown throughout his many years of career that he is capable of generating significant ratings and every use he makes is eagerly awaited and there is a lot of curiosity about what he can do on the small screen. Long live Ray 2 It’s a bracket that’s now largely archived as the company works on developing the new container that will replace it: Track 2. Apparently, according to the latest rumors, it was the host himself who suggested something for the upcoming plans on TV.

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Fiorello in the final season of Viva Rai 2

It actually looks like it. Fiorello I applied for a show in style Back allDo you remember her? Renzo Arbore and Nino Frasica It led Rai’s landmark show to become something it’s still remembered today: a mix of satire and music in what appears to be a run-of-the-mill game show. It will be a proposal aimed at late evening and back, we do not know if it will be on the main network or again on Rai 2. The leaders will take this hypothesis into account, putting Fiorello at the helm of something that we currently do not see on the small screen and what will take you back to past glories Great? We’ll see, the truth is that state television certainly can’t fail to use “Ciuri” next year.

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