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Twist, in space there are invisible walls

Twist, in space there are invisible walls

As you can imagine it is full of phenomena and spatial events that do not belong to us, and which do not reconcile with the theory of relativity and with our idea of ​​physics. One of them, for example, concerns the distribution of galaxies.

Our theoretical calculations tell us that the smaller should rotate randomly around the larger and not instead. The smaller ones arrange themselves in thin discs around their hosts. but why?

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A group of researchers from the University of Nottingham is analyzing this mystery and has come to the conclusion that there are “invisible walls” in the universe created by a new particle called “symmetry”.

This new element could explain one of the great mysteries of the universe, which is dark matter, a kind of matter invisible and undetectable to us, from which we can only perceive some influences (for example gravitational influences).

According to scientists, in the next few years, thanks to the new James Webb Space Telescope, we will be able to study the very early stages of the universe, and therefore perhaps we will find other clues to find new pieces of this puzzle.

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