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Massimiliano Ossini 20221210

Massimiliano Osini, The grueling battle against leukemia: the moving message of a leader

Massimiliano Osini, during his usual one-morning run, decided to make a very important appeal. The conductor transmitted a message that left everyone speechless. Here are all the details

It was broadcast on Friday, December 9th Last weekly appointment From the transmission one morning. Massimiliano Osini is at the head of the program that opens the Rai schedules every week.

Massimiliano Osini

To present this episode in which the topic of Neapolitan pizza was taken up, the presenter asked maximum attention to her viewers as she wanted to create Very important call.

Oseni’s battle against leukemia

Massimiliano Ossini reminded all viewers that from yesterday until Sunday in many Italian arenas it will be possible to buy Poinsettias from AILthe Italian association working in the field of research and disease treatment Such as Leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. The initiative, which is repeated annually and achieves great success, carries the following phrase as its motto: “Each leukemia patient has his own lucky star. ” Compared to the past, this disease is less terrifying today, precisely because thanks to the research it was possible to make significant progress.

Mosul wanted one morning to stand up maximum attention about this subject. In addition to explaining the AIL initiative, he wanted to give his opinion on the matter by publishing a very touching message.

Massimiliano Ossini at Unomattina 20221210
Massimiliano Osini at Unomattina

As reported by lanostratv, the words of Massimiliano Osini are for her It definitely left a mark In everyone who listened to him with interest.
“In recent years, extraordinary advances in scientific research and various increasingly effective treatments have made these diseases more treatable. So what’s the advice? It’s to go out during the weekend, go to our yards where there are over 15,000 volunteers and color your house with these gorgeous plants.” , See how beautiful it is, red as Christmas, buy it while you walk.”

These were the words of the conductor, who then showed some extraordinary words Christmas stars. Finally, Massimiliano Osini wanted to close Post another messagesaying: “It’s a small gesture that colors the house but, above all, that allows us to provide great help to people who need it.”

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