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Weather: Is the Borian coming? Let’s make total clarity about this perfumed wind

Borian or Boran? Let’s see if it will arrive and when This year will come infamous Boryan (or boran if you prefer, but the correct spelling or pronunciation doesn’t matter)?

The cold wind borian That during the winter it blows over the endless Siberian and Kazakh plains towards the Urals or Sarmatian plains in European Russia. Sometimes gusts of wind From the wind can reach 100 km / h accompanied by storms that lead to a sharp decrease in visibility Significantly increases sensitivity to cold. This particular event generally remains confined to Russia or to most of Eastern Europe, however, In some cases it can also appear in Italy. For example, we remember those of 1996, 2006, 2012 and finally February / March 2018.

Below we report on Main Features from Borian.

freezing wind The main feature is that it is a glacial air stream because it comes from an area where there is a “cold film”, i.e. a very cold and heavy layer of air close to the ground and no more than 1000/2000 meters high.

snow mountains – When you enter, precipitation caused by clouds can turn into real snowstorms.

temperature – In the presence of a burian, due to its characteristics, it can drop temperatures up to 10 degrees in a very short time.

A few days ago, the International Meteorological Centers risked the exceptional early arrival of Burian on November 16/17, but for now everything remains silent. We just have to wait.

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