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Gf Vip 6, Givina the victim of a sudden illness | How are you now

During the November 10 episode, at Casa del Gf Vip 6, a competitor suddenly fell ill. It seemed that the direction immediately intervened to censor the incident, not allowing viewers to see what was happening. Let’s find out what happened and who the Givino would have been hit in the most spying house in Italy.

Big Brother- Vip-Altranotizia

It appears that one of the competitors suddenly fell ill but the editorial team decided not to show it to the public. So everyone got worried and curious, trying to figure out who was feeling bad. Let’s find out what happened to Gf ​​Vip 6.

Rider loses consciousness in GF Vip 6

There is no doubt that it is the most spy house in Italy, however, apparently, it may not be completely visible to viewers. Some moments of life at home, by the choice of the authors of the program, remain at home.

This is especially true for special moments like the one when Mirjana Trevisan felt unwell. It happened again recently.

More specifically On the November 10 episode, one of the contestants suddenly fell ill We were in direct tears of pain.

However, no other details are known as to why Direction Intervene to interrupt broadcasting Avoid broadcast scenes that could be intimate or connected to a moment of being unwell.

But then it sparked the audience’s interest in the incident Try to find out what happened and who Jivino was the victim of the disease.

Givina’s sudden illness

The competitor who would have been sick, it seems, was Clarissa Selassie.

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roommates Soleil rise NS Katia Ricciarelli They heard screams of pain and were worried about what had happened and asked what had happened. After that, fans began searching for information on Twitter and were apparently able to discover that the voice of the voice is clearly identifiable as the voice of Clarissa, the youngest of the three Selassie sisters.

Now the young princess is fine and everything has been resolved in the best way.

According to the newspaper, Today It was a fleeting and temporary illness that impressed Gevina, and this was caused by a scream of fear: Clarissa now looks great, then Looks like it was just a passing illness to hit her. It is clear that the screaming is the result of fear.”

Clarissa Selassie Tranotzia