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Inzaghi: The critical episodes are remorse.  Milinkovic KO, I'll explain ''

Inzaghi: The critical episodes are remorse. Milinkovic KO, I’ll explain ”

Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi made some statements this evening to Daz’s microphones after the defeat to Fiorentina.

“There is a disappointment, we knew it was a tough and tough game. We kept the pitch well in the first half, with a great chance for Korea. The episodes were decisive, we shouldn’t have made any mistakes. We knew they would defend himself a lot. Well. We conceded a goal by setting our goal. Luis Alberto? He had had an ankle problem for twenty-five days, and we had some important issues. Faris wasn’t there due to elimination, it wasn’t good. But Correa’s chance guided the match: So We scored, it will position itself differently. Now we will see the next matches, we will have exclusions, Milinkovic To assess that he might have broken his nasal septum in a clash with Bolgar but wanted to stay on the field at any cost. In the second half it was not a football match, I played little football. We played for 20 minutes choppy, and I feel more sorry in the first half. I got into the moriki because we lost some physical strength. Milinkovic stood up physically and I didn’t want to give it up, despite the septum problem. We have twelve points available, we closed a group in which we scored 14 points out of 19. We know that we lost points in the first round because of the Champions League, but in any case for the fifth year in a row we will be. In European Cups. There is remorse this evening, because we could have fought to the end. ”

These, however, are words Insignificant a sky:

“Athletically, it is not over for the Champions League, we lost a lot in the first round. Today we faced some problems in the wings, Lazari had a fever of 38 tonight. Let’s go ahead, knowing we had a great season. We didn’t deserve to finish the first half under a goal. In the second half, I saw only 7-8 stretchers on the field, more than football. “