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La scia di satelliti Starlink

Dozens of reports are also in Calabria

“Here is the Chinese missile!” Eyes up to the sky, and fingers pointing to the star vault The certainty that we will witness the fall of the vector approaching the Earth at these hours, as it will decrease between 1 and 7 pm tonight. There are many sightings in the last hours of the dotted trail Which, in fact, is not the Chinese missile, however A “train” satellite that is part of the Starlink project Under construction From the private company SpaceX, the company of visionary Elon Musk, Which puts thousands of miniature satellites in orbit around the Earth.

The goal – at least in stated intentions – is to provide broadband everywhere, even in those regions of the planet that are not covered today. Launched in 2015, the project has already brought more than 1,400 satellites into orbit.
In these hours when many see their noses up, they await a glimpse of the Chinese carrier in free fall. The tracks of the Starlink satellites are mistakenly believed to be debris from the missile returning to Earth. But these are two completely different phenomena, especially since the missile was not yet visible, at least not so clearly.
The photo was taken at Lametino and reported to our editorial staff, Shows Mask satellites operating in one file.

Waiting for the Chinese missile: where will it fall?

To see where the Chinese missile fell, instead, It will take a few more hours. Consideration expectations Three lanes on the national territory. The first at 01.05 AM, the second at 02.36 AM and the third at around 4 AM, with time window Uncertainty of more or less than 3 hoursSo, as mentioned, the interest should be as high as 1-7. Calabria is also on its likely course e The warning was issued by the Civil Protection and the provinces.

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You will be able to spot them Fireballs are heard loudly. The size of the falling fragments can reach a maximum of one and a half meters, weigh a few hundred kilograms (the entire missile weighs about 20 tons) and reach a depth of one meter upon impact. Projections of the return will be subject to continuous updates Because it is related to the behavior of the space carrier itself and the effects that the atmospheric density gives to falling objects, in addition to those related to solar activity.

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From ten o’clock in the evening of the eighth day of May until seven o’clock in the morning, activate the “attention phase.” From the Unified Regional Civil Protection Operations Room “to the risk of shrapnel impact due to uncontrolled return to atmosphere of the PRC CZ5B carrier”. Any reports can be sent to 0961/7673, which is open 24 hours a day.