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INPS, retirees who don’t do so right away will lose their pension in January

INPS, retirees who don’t do so right away will lose their pension in January

It is a measure that must be taken immediately, lest you lose your pension in January: this is what the INPS announced.

Pension loss for January –

the retirement topic Always at the forefront, even after the government’s night, is the confirmation of the 2023 budget maneuver in the first step. Pensioners must not completely forget all the pieces of the puzzle that are in place to continue receiving their pension adequately, month after month. INPS reports that if such persons fail to fulfill certain duties, the pension may be suspended from January onwards. Should this be explained?

INEE News, Are Retirees at Risk?

INPS for the new year, 2023, sets important boundaries and makes retirees follow the rules. There are many retirees who may lose the right to benefits after years, without receiving them from January 2023 onwards.

pension loss
Loss of pension –

INPS regulations require effort on the part of the parties involved, in order to confirm that there are no frauds in place. over there Forms It is very complicated and the documents to be sent are large. However, some retirees get lost in communications and don’t have anyone to help them with these papers. over there Individuals who do not know that they have a pension “Upon expiration” without submitting the various required documents.

How do you avoid losing your pension?

it’s a specific issue Which often seems not possible. On the contrary, the INPS warns these retirees that they must file a tax return because they have a pension commensurate with their income.

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You must witness these innovations and disposable income each year, and those who don’t can see themselves out there Withheld pension and from 2023 The rules will be stricter than before.

We are talking above all about pensioners who receive APE Sociale, in fact these may have to reapply from January 2023. We remind you that these people were able to access Retire at the age of 63but they are required each year to resubmit documents until they reach the age of 67 (the age by law that allows them to receive an old-age pension).

There is another piece to the puzzle In order to be placed in the right place, in fact, retirees who will turn 67 in 2023 and will be able to receive an old-age pension will have to apply for retirement. It is not as automatic as everyone thinks, because the transition from the Ape Sociale pension to the old-age pension takes place only on request and with the submission of all documents.

The pension was canceled in January
Pension canceled in January-

INPS has not provided automatic status and these people may lose their pension, from January 2023 onwards. This means that interested parties should contact CAF reference or responsible INPS office, so that we can send you the right documents in time. Only in this way is it possible to pass from the Ape Sociale to the Pensione di Vecchiaia.