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The car crashed into the wall, killing two 25-year-old friends and injuring two boys

The car crashed into the wall, killing two 25-year-old friends and injuring two boys

Maestre – Christmas Eve Tragedy: Today 5, Saturday, December 24, shortly after, firefighters intervened on the pedestrian overpass of Via della Liberta in Maestre, a car that came against the wall after the driver lost control: two 25-year-olds died and two were injured Maestre.

victims Riccardo Pastrello And Tobias D’Etcher Both living in Mestre, Franchetti are former schoolmates, colleagues and best friends.

Firefighters arrived with two vehicles from the local headquarters Renault Clio One of the two seriously injured was trapped: the young man was stabilized, but died a short time later. The other youth died on the spot. Injured Cleo, MD and another friend were treated by medical personnel and taken to hospital. On site, for reliefs, the Motorized Division of the City of Venice Police and traffic police.

All the guys inside Clio were from Maestre. The driver and the girl have been hospitalized at the Ospedale dell’Angelo, their lives are not in danger. Both victims were conscious but in shock when police arrived. Apparently they were returning home from a party in Marghera Vega region.

According to initial reconstruction, it appears to have lost control. Clio will not collide with other vehicles. Investigations are underway to understand whether he fell asleep, was distracted or was speeding. The impact against the Guard’s march was very strong. The firemen’s rescue work ended with the first light of dawn. The injured woman happens to be the girlfriend of one of the victims.

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After spending the night before Christmas at a party in the Vega area, the car was traveling in the direction of Mestre from Venice, and on the straight, according to the first reconstructions, it suddenly skidded to the right and wreaked havoc. Lateral shoulder. Two boys on that side of the passenger compartment died instantly. The front end of the car appears to be completely damaged.

The vehicle reportedly overturned several times and two people were thrown. The scenes of the family arriving at the scene after being alerted to the incident are heart-wrenching.It is yet to be ascertained how the boy, who was driving straight, lost control, but it appears that he tested positive for a breathalyser with values ​​above the permissible limit.


Son of Tobit Andrea D’Echer The famous architect of Maestre, from the well-known Friulian architectural family (owners D’Etcher Spa Pozzuolo del Friuli) he followed in his father’s footsteps and studied at the Academy of Architecture in Mentrizio, Switzerland. Like his friend Ricardo, he was interested in basketball. Ricardo and Tobia both, in fact, during their years of study Bruno-Branchetti High School From Mestre, he participated in the “Rayer School Cup” project with the school team.