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Innovative ready-made photovoltaic panels are invented

Innovative ready-made photovoltaic panels are invented

He invented ready-to-carry photovoltaic panels. It’s inspired by origami And besides being beautiful, she is also Easy to move and stretch and made from recycled carbon fibres: You can put it on the cart, on the boat, and take it practically anywhere. It was designed and produced by Levante Green Technology Startup which won first place in the category “Ideas and Startups Supporting” for smart conversations, Video competition for the 3D virtual exhibition on environmental sustainability Geco Expo To promote the most innovative green projects, made possible thanks to the contribution of LeVillage by Ca Triveneto. Levante also received special awards from PoliHub and Guru Marketing, and the jury, headed by Antonio Rancati, Coordinator of the European Study Center Cetri-Tires, selected them from among 11 final projects.

Co-founder Sara Blaga, who received the award out of her passion for sustainable travelTogether with his partner, he designed an origami-style photovoltaic panel to allow access to energy everywhere: Compact and portable when closed (-40% of occupied space), it delivers maximum power when deployed (+70% energy efficient) It has been designed to have the lowest possible impact thanks to the principles of “Design to Deconstruct”. The product is designed not only to promote green mobility, but also to make energy more accessible to remote areas of developing countries. “I believe that we as human beings and corporations have a moral duty to create a better planet – Sarah said – and that, as Gandhi said, we must be the change we want to see in the world.”

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Ranked #1 in the “Startups and Already Startups” category, Among the 12 finalists, Sternartica, which produces soap, was instead ranked.
Solid shampoos and cosmetics (all eco-friendly), with his laboratory at the gates of Provence even if the founder, Federica Campilongo, is very Italian.
The name of the company is already a program: The Arctic tern is a migratory bird that weighs only 100 grams
But despite its size, it covers more than 2.4 million km in thirty years: The equivalent of three round trips to the moon. “Arctic Tern – asserts the entrepreneur – teaches us that no one is too young to do great things. It shows us that if we want, we can really change the world.”