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Gambit 2023 check cash limit increase stop but it is wrong

Gambit 2023 check cash limit increase stop but it is wrong

Tick ​​in the government amendment to the 2023 maneuver Canceling the increase in the cash limit, but this is wrong. Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti explained in the Chamber’s Budget Committee that the “cancellation of Article 69 of the gambit” which provides for an increase from 1,000 to 5,000 euros is a mistake by the Accounting Office and “I take responsibility”. In response to Montecitorio’s Democratic Party leader, Deborah Siracciani, mentioning the annulment during the ongoing debate. They told MEF that the error would be corrected and the text replaced with the correct one.

It’s not a typo, we can’t believe it – writes in a note Angelo Bonellispokesperson for Green Europe – in fact it’s just a dramatic superficiality”.

What happens in the House Budget Committee is beyond imagination – he says in a note Francesco Silvestri, leader of the group in the M5S room – After the government of the “sovereigns” capitulated to Brussels on the use of POS from the day before yesterday, Minister Giorgetti frankly admitted that there was an “error” in the cash ceiling, apparently abolished. “For submitting some wrong texts.”

He concludes, “The administration of the Meloni government budget law, one of the most important phases of the country, verges on absurdity and reveals the inadequacy of an executive director who, between fools and regression, everything is less than ‘ready'”. .

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