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Big Brother Vip 2021, Semi-Final Report / Lulu vs Barù, the web is ruthless

Big Brother Vip 2021, Semi-Final Report / Lulu vs Barù, the web is ruthless

Big Brother VIP Report Cards Episode 48: Barrow Splits the Web

See monetary denominations barrow from the direction of Jessica Selassie During the semi-finals of Big Brother Vip 6, I had many consequences, both inside and outside the house. Jessica, first of all, said she was very disappointed in a confession he made after the live broadcast, declaring, “I’m frustrated, angry, joking about us as princesses and saying it like that, I don’t like it…if you like certain things, even when Be angry, don’t tell her!”

Above all, it was Lulu who was angry with Paro, so much so that in confession she said, “Truly say what you think, get out who you are, Paro!” On the Internet, Barrow’s behavior did not receive approval, on the contrary, he was severely criticized. The main accusation against dwl gieffino is deceiving jessica to the point of making her ill. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Jessica and Barrow at the station?

The semi-finals of Big Brother VIP 2021 led to the elimination of Sophie Codegoni who lost the TV broadcast challenge against Barrow, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many reality show fans. On the web, in fact, Sophie’s exclusion has been criticized by many users who, since David Silvestri was elected as the third finalist, wanted an all-female final. Leaving a bad taste in the audience’s mouths was also the tough showdown between Jessica Selassie and Barrow that prompted the former to unleash tears.

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The web is split in half between those who sympathize with Jessica and understand her disappointment and those who, instead, stand by Barrow who didn’t cheat on Jessica. Semi-finals did not satisfy everyone and yet it gave great feelings likeA touching interview by Signorini with Manuel Bortuzzo (Updated by Stella Dependetto).

Signorini mocked Sulli

The semi-finals of Big Brother Vip 6 Promises of more than I was able to deliver after that. The forty-eighth part of this edition continues without certain sentiments, which is disturbing on some occasions Alfonso Signorini. The train conductor, on the other hand, does nothing to hide his disappointment when raging clashes and angry quarrels instead become very quiet confrontations. Such is the case of Soleil that Signorini has bothered several times and who summoned commentators to help her ignite the debate. Voting 6.

help Adriana Volpi and Sonia Bruganelli On the other hand, Alfonso Signorini is of little use on that occasion. The input of commentators on other issues, however, is best, from Alex Bailey to Barrow and Jessica. Although the two women, although always opposing in their opinions, are still centered and frank, without private discourse this is still a strong point of this edition. vote 7.

A ‘Seraphic’ Soleil Sorge and Influential Manuel Bortuzzo at Big Brother VIP 2021

Episode 48 of big brother vip However, it is characterized by some defining moments. The first of them, which arrives in the first minutes of the live broadcast, is the awaited The confrontation between Biagio Daniele and Mirjana Trevisan. He (voting 6), in fact, didn’t tell the lie as much as they thought, and in the studio he also looks a little awkward due to the story’s highlight. Mirjana appears to be confused, but she presents a version that has some flaws and is not entirely convincing. Voting 6. Another key moment The somewhat slow return of Sully Sorge at home. Gieffina seems to have already forgotten what has been done and done in the program and has good words for everyone, probably too much. What changed suddenly? Voting 6.

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Another very important moment in the semi-finals of big brother vip give it to us Manuel Portozzo. In the middle of the study, in a kind of interview, Signorini comes to the surface Some features even a taboo about disability which has been living for two years, giving the audience a moment of reflection. VOTE 8. Also in this episode Alex Belli finds a way to highlight him: first the gift to Soleil, then the showdown with Barù. But we follow a lot of onlookers begging for mercy from the train conductor and shouting “Enough Alex Bailey!”

Big Brother Vip 2021, TV Flash: Sophie Codegoni Vs Barù

Who managed to beat the final big brother vip? The semi-finals were marked by two TV channels that eventually led to the announcement of the finalist. between Manila Nazaru and Baru He was the second to win. Therefore, one of the greatest heroes of this version left the house one step away from the final, which is to be commended for having put her heart into it, despite many blows. Voting 7.5.

The second TV show has been reviewed barrow In the nomination but this time against Sophie Codegoni. It was the latter who then had to leave the house one step away from the final. His way too, albeit dwindling in terms of content. Let’s conclude, then, with the fourth finalist: Barrow managed to conquer the audience by being completely out of the box, especially television. Creative, likable, honest and totally disrespectful. Winning for this very reason. vote 8.

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