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Infinite Halo support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos? –

infinite aura Supports technologies Dobly Vision and Dolby AtmosThis is shown by reading Official Page Dedicated to the new chapter of the popular 343 Industries series on Dolby’s website, at least when it was accessible.

Precisely in the hours when chaos arises regarding the alleged exclusive of Dolby technologies on Xbox, which has been officially denied by Microsoft, this other reference regarding Halo Infinite, although the question becomes ambiguous even here, given that the page on which it is usually reported goggles At the moment it is no longer available.

Perhaps these were characteristics that will be revealed later, Leaked out ahead of schedule? We don’t know, the truth is that A screen shot From the page still visible in the tweet below, we can see how Halo Infinite has its own dedicated page on Dolby’s official website, demonstrating an important presence of audio and video technologies in the new 343 Industries game.

Thus, Halo Infinite will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos: although the latter is a feature now found in many games since Xbox One, continue with Xbox Series X | sInstead, Dolby Vision for video games is a newer issue and was only recently included for Insider users and Coming for everyone, although in some respects it should be noted that TVs are not yet ready, at least in terms of using this technology at 120 Hz, and therefore in very limited cases.

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