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"Maybe 9,000 people participate, a nurse refused?"

“Maybe 9,000 people participate, a nurse refused?”

Brine instead of Serum. happen in Germany, and the people involved could be 8,857. that happens in a Lower Saxony, where it was possible to vaccinate nearly nine thousand people with saline: this is the hypothesis on which the chief of the county is based freesiaAnd Sven Ambrosi.

Germany, worsening business sentiment on future economic conditions

The Lambda variable, what it is and what you need to know (and why scientists are concerned)

Especially the elderly concerned

The alleged vaccinations, between March 5 and April 20, would be 9,673 in total and would have been left privately exposed. Senior citizens over 70 years old.

Denier nurse?

InitiallyNurse A 40-year-old from Friesland was sued in a similar, less significant case but involuntary supervision was assumed and corrected. It is now assumed that the magnitude of the phenomenon is worrisome.

Ambrosi argued at a press conference that “in the actions of women we suppose that there may be a way.” The hypothesis under study, according to Bild newspaper, is that the nurse could be one virus denier. “A Facebook comment at the end of 2020 and more messages on Whatsapp make us think about this potential female propensity,” a police spokesperson says.

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