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In South Tyrol, ASL asks pupils to "race" in the form

In South Tyrol, ASL asks pupils to “race” in the form

Alto Adigeansa

The questionnaire, distributed by the local health authority in Bolzano, was given to middle school teachers to assess some children for their profiles. It was the teachers themselves who raised the issue, Alto Edge newspaper wrote, January 28, 2019. ANSA / South Tyrol Court

In a questionnaire from the South Tyrol Health Authority for Schools, to be filled out by teachers evaluating the pupil, is asked to indicate among the specified items, ‘the ethnic group or race of the pupil’.

This is not the first time that controversy has erupted over the use of this term, but in January 2019, it also sparked interventions at the parliamentary level. To report now, as reported by the newspaper Alto Adige, was Giuseppe Augello, former inspector of the school superintendent and principal director of the Bolzano III Comprehensive Institute, who was reported by current supervisor Vincenzo Gulotta. “I find the wording unacceptable, morally incorrect, common sense, and contrary to the principles of civic life—and I have instructed my schoolteachers to return the units in question to the dispatcher,” Augello said.

The questionnaire, derived from a standard form in use in the United States, had to be modified for more than two years, following protests at the beginning of 2019. At the time, in fact, the health care company specified that the term was used for “a mistranslation from the original in English.” which has been standardized all over the world. “The form will be revised very soon,” general manager Florian Zerzer confirmed. There was no change, it is only from A few days ago another case who saw a patient turned into South Tyrolean Healthcare’s sports medicine service and found the race index in another questionnaire. ASL, after the sporting event, I announced that you requested correction and use of another term that is automatically generated by the software.

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