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From Montelubo to Mars, Ilaria Cinelli explores space

From Montelubo to Mars, Ilaria Cinelli explores space

On her ID she wrote “Comune di Montelupo Fiorentino,” but Ilaria Cinelli travels the world to fulfill her dream of going into space.

Yesterday the city council received her to honor her and it was very interesting to hear her story, believing that she was called “One of the hundred women who will change the world.”

Ilaria Cinelli is a brilliant engineer and researcher who specializes in biomedical engineering and space mission design and can boast an internationally significant research doctorate. He is also a fellow, i.e. an expert member, of the Aerospace Medical Association for Space Medicine, and the Association of Human Factors in Aerospace for Human Factors in Space.

Thanks to her training, she has been selected eight times as the leader of simulated space missions, at the Martian Desert Research Station, in the Utah desert, at the head of an international team that for a few weeks has experienced living conditions and working exactly as they would if they were on Mars.

“I began to get excited about space when I wondered what would happen in the absence of gravity and began to understand that by changing conditions, the perception of everything we know and study changes. A definitive answer; it is necessary to make a hypothesis and then test it in the field and see if it works. We must reduce the margin of error This is why tests in space bases on Earth are indispensable. It is true that space research is very expensive, but it is equal. It is true that the discoveries we make have fundamental consequences for life on Earth, every day, in all areas: from medicine to technologies, from Actions to human dynamics – says Ilaria Cinelli and continues -. Always to new projects and new studies. Recent appreciation I received concerns about space traffic management through artificial intelligence algorithms.”

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And if being one of the youngest world astronauts wasn’t enough, read her astonishing approach to demonstrating her moral qualities, Ellaria is also a mentor on a UN project to inspire other incredible women dreaming of space (Space4Woman, UNOSA platform).

“I have always aspired to become an astronaut, but I started from objectively punishing circumstances: I am a woman, European and civilian. To achieve this goal, I must study, conduct research and obtain advantages that will allow me to be credited for this role, both in the space agency and in special subjects: I mean, to achieve the desired results, you really have to do your best and also fight the discrimination that many women, including me, are subject to.

Women, despite all the scientific evidence, are in the minority. It’s true that in theory there will be rules to protect gender equality, but they simply don’t apply, so we can’t tell if they’re true or not. For this reason, I see my role as a mentor as very important: Women need other women who, by their example, convey confidence in the possibility of success and shattering stereotypes and discrimination.”

Source: Municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino – press office

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