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Gandini on the new hybrid Lamborghini Countach: "I don't like it."  House response: We informed him.  It's a controversy

Gandini on the new hybrid Lamborghini Countach: “I don’t like it.” House response: We informed him. It’s a controversy

Lamborghini She decided on tiptoe in an eraelectrification, but he did so by dusting off a name that represents the home of Sant’Agata Bolognese a story of historic change: Kontach.

We saw it in the middle of summer When it was revealed On the occasion of the Pebble Beach Festival accompanied by the theme song LPI 800 and supercapacitors that feed a electric impulse. The car clearly has modern style and solutions, but it brings back several references to the original design of the Countach, which was the work of Marcello Gandini.

But the famous professional expressed his criticism of the new Italian supercar. According to Gandini, the work performed simultaneously at Lamborghini was to have cars that were fundamentally different from each other, without falling into the “temptation” of styles that were too similar. The new Countach will break this tradition, lines and solutions will take from the old paradigm, albeit adapted to modern methods.

Lamborghini Cotac

But Gandini’s harsh words may also come from personal resentment, as House said, on the promotional stage, He was going to say his hand was there, or at least his blessing on the new creature. In fact, Gandini deplores the feeling that he has been used as an element of communication, without his knowledge, and without him knowing anything about the project. That is why the master issued a statement:

As the author and creator of the original work, the remake does not reflect my soul and my way of seeing. The spirit of innovation and mold-breaking, in my opinion, is completely absent in the remake. My identity as a designer, especially in relation to the supercars I built for Lamborghini, has been built on a unique concept: each new model must be completely different from the previous one. Courage, the ability to create a break without getting attached to the success of the previous car, and the confidence not to want to give in to the habit was the core of my work. Obviously, markets and marketing have changed a lot since then, but as far as I’m concerned, repeating a model from the past is a denial of the founding principles of my DNA as an automotive designer.“.

As the author and creator of the original work, the new version does not reflect my soul and my way of seeing

Harsh words he wanted Lamborghini to respond to, praising the work of the Style Center and Research Department. The house is also careful to note that Gandini, although not directly involved, was informed of the project. Who is telling the truth then?

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