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Ignazio Moser breaks his silence on his health problem

Ignazio Moser breaks his silence on his health problem

Ignazio Moser He decided to interrupt the sequence of glossy photos to inform his followers that he had to stay away from social networks, for a very serious reason. Choice has expanded the blogosphere and news in recent weeks.

The former cyclist, the exponent of the last generation of Dynasty musher, had actually stated on Instagram that he had discovered a health issue: for the athlete, a former competitor ofFamous Island and GF VipThe case was a priority, and much more relevant than his professional commitments as well. In recent weeks, we have experienced a much more secretive and aloof presence of Ignazio Moser, if he is not in joint events with his partner, Cecilia Rodriguez, sister belin.

Ignazio Moser: Intestinal parasite caused his problems

Evidence of a willingness to live a more conservative life and focus on the health problem that Moser claimed was caused by an intestinal parasite.

“I have contracted an intestinal parasite,” he revealed, following a question from a fan.

Ignazio Moser He shows himself more toned and less effortless than the recent photos posted in which he shows a less curvaceous physique.

“Have you gotten past this damned physical problem?” He asks about a follower, and he answers:

“I would say yes, we don’t yet understand where and how I got this intestinal parasite but the important thing is that this thing has been overcome now. I am back to eating and training as before and more than before… I will definitely remember it as my experience… “.

Ignazio Moser, 10 kg less

This health problem has had its effects, as evidenced by the same musher: Ignatius He lost 10 kilograms and suffered, even on a physical level, from the consequences of the presence of this stranger in his body. Now, as he himself said, it is time to speak of it in the past and to regain form and greater serenity.

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