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Ida, Meloni's Veto Comes to Talks: Will It Happen Again in 2008?

Ida, Meloni’s Veto Comes to Talks: Will It Happen Again in 2008?

Ita’s future remains uncertain and nothing is taken: this is not the only consequence negotiation With the consortium selected by Mef formed by the USA Certares Fund together with Air France KLM and Delta, it is only the initial whistle. Indeed, the political factor weighs heavily on the process: we are ahead of elections and regime change, with negotiations to be revived once an outgoing executive is installed.

According to polls, leading the country may be in center-right hands and Giorgia Meloni, a candidate for the future tenant of the Palazzo Sigi, criticized the outgoing government’s approach (“not until now the executive has to decide”) while using more cautious words regarding the past: “I can only pronounce myself if I know. “It will be another part of Italy that will go away. It will happen, and I’m not happy. I’m ready to do whatever I can to prevent it.

Since 2008

Phrases and situations that recall the past: In 2008 the then Alitalia Air France-KLM accepted the proposal, but it was in the middle of an election campaign: Romano Prodi was tired of the parliament and Silvio Berlusconi was starting. Win the election by waving the company’s Italian flag. The Franco-Dutch group withdrew the offer.

Roadmap: The last word for the next government

For now, Ita’s work will be managed by the Draghi government. A commercial partnership with Delta and Air France-KLM could culminate in exclusive negotiations with US funds to sell Newco or be handed over to future management through a memorandum of understanding, but is not binding. Or a more detailed preliminary agreement could come. It is far from certain that negotiations will stall completely for the election and wait for a new administrator. Negotiations should resume in full swing once the outgoing administrators take office after the elections. That’s when the definitive choice for the sale of the former Alitalia will come, with Lufthansa always in the window.

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Melon: The system is wrong, this government does not have it

Meloni asked the Draghi government to stop the document: “From September 25, everything can change, the resumption of our national airline will determine who will rule. Now that we have made untold sacrifices to reduce costs, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the state’s presence in the company and the stake of other stakeholders,” said August. At the beginning the position was expressed.