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there he is!  Finally, the first pictures of Mathilde Brandy with her new partner: the look

there he is! Finally, the first pictures of Mathilde Brandy with her new partner: the look

  • The 53-year-old showgirl’s boyfriend at ex-girls surprise party Jevina Vibe
  • The guy also has a great relationship with his 16-year-old twins, Aurora and Sophia

Matilda Brandy Finally revealing his face new buddyAnd the On the social network, she publishes the first pictures with her boyfriend The one I took out in the open, always away InstagramHowever, at the beginning of August, the face of the red-hearted man hides. The 53-year-old appears with him with her IG . stories On the occasion of the surprise party organized in his Romanian apartment for his daughters Sophia and Aurora.

there he is! Finally the first pictures of Matilda Brandy with her new partner

Twin was in 2006 by the former Marco Costantinia famous Romanian accountant born in 1964, their mother will go to study in the United States with the complicity Fabiola Schiaparassithe ex wife Benno DanielShe, her great friend, organized a surprise party to greet them and make them feel all her warmth. Among the guests there is also the new comrade From the former dignitaries of Jefina, who brought her back her smile.

The 53-year-old showgirl will study with the man who brought her back her smile at the surprise party organized for her daughters Aurora and Sophia, who are leaving for the United States.

Farewell with Costanini, who arrived after 17 years together in 2021, coinciding with Brandi’s participation in the reality show, was deeply bitter with Mathilde. “I was in the house I walked in and out with a partner and he was already dating someone else I would be ashamed if that woman got bitten!” , She immediately revealed after she walked out the red door. Now, thanks new buddyFind emotional serenity.

Former VIP Jevina went out in public with her new boyfriend at the beginning of August

The friend seems to be fully integrated into the family Matilda Brandyeven with twins, the relationship is harmonious: there is complicity.

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