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I work with peaks or lakes: it's smart business tourism - the Chronicle

I work with peaks or lakes: it’s smart business tourism – the Chronicle

Trento. We learned one thing this year Coronavirus diseaseWe can do many jobs from home. But if we build it from home, we can do it from anywhere, as long as we have our computer and a decent connection.

It is from this fact that I began Trentino MarketingNow that there is a possibility to move between regions, to suggest this land with a different key. Because Trentino is a good place to relax, of course. But on closer examination, it’s also a good destination for work, if you have to – or if you can – do, depending on your point of view – away from the office desk. Hence the idea of ​​proposing second homes as a work site, which soon became an agreement with Airbnb.

The agreement provides for the promotion of second homes in Trentino in order to work. How? Meanwhile, by transporting them, through cTargeted marketing campaign. Then through a contest – «Smartworking in Trentino»- By Airbnb: Those who win can enjoy a business trip in Trentino, and if they want, they can participate in a psychological examination to assess how the site affects productivity. The project starts with two assumptions, in fact. First of all, from the result of a recent survey requested by Airbnb, which indicates that 47% of those who responded felt more than anything else a lack of travel. It is assumed that there is now a desire to move, even beyond the limits of free days.

In this sense, Trentino begins to facilitate the interception of this kind of need because, as Aribnb notes in a note, “20% of the sample of travelers interviewed indicated that the chalet is their preferred place of residence in case Smart work outside the city. “Some of the trends that emerged last summer, including increased demand for apartments and adequately equipped facilities to combine work breaks and smart holidays, are now set to be strengthened, also thanks to this partnership.” Maurizio Rossini, From Trentino Marketing. “There is a great possibility in this sense,” he explains. Think of someone who should work, but not go to the office. You can come to Trentino with your family. Others enjoy the vacation and can still enjoy the fun of the area, in breaks from work obligations. This is also possible thanks to the significant investments that public agencies have made in recent years in broadband. Because it is clear that one of the services most in demand is the calling service Wi-Fi».

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There are many suggestive places where you can relocate your workplace. But Trentino does have some competitive advantages, which can be counted on in this reboot: services, in fact, begin with digital infrastructure. Then the logistics. Because it’s true that smart work allows you to work away from the office, but it often involves some face-to-face meetings.

Trentino allows you to easily reach, in a two or three hour drive, half of northern Italy, but also Bologna or higher, Innsbruck and Munich. Hence the choice to try to focus on this goal, as well as to secure some income for the homeowners: “Trentino is one of the most popular destinations in the countryside and the average host’s earnings are among the highest in Italy – notes Find Giacomo, Country Manager, Airbnb Italy – For many second home owners, this is an opportunity to generate income from an untapped asset in a difficult year. “The project includes two steps: the competition, which is promoted on the Airbnb website, which will allow for a period of smart work in the cottage, to be monitored (on a voluntary basis) by a psychiatrist, to assess the benefits of accommodation. After that, residency will be offered to some influencers, Who will experience the effects of smart action from the cabin, and share the experience on their social channels.