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“I had psychological problems” – Daily

“I had psychological problems” – Daily

Raffaella Minoia, Maria De Filippi’s right-hand woman, said that she suffered greatly from a medical error and went through a difficult time

Published: 1-6-2024 10:19Updated: 1-6-2024 10:19

He has been my right hand man for many years Maria De Filippihis friend and confidant, as well as a much-loved face of Fascino’s shows. Raffaella Menoia But she’s not used to talking about it Private life: She did on this rare occasion on Instagram to say she stayed Victim of medical error Which would have caused her a series of psychological and physical problems, from which she recovered but left her mark. Now, after some time has passed, she decided to confess on her social media sites to get closer to her followers and to deliver a very important message that should not be overlooked.

Raffaella Minoia, the story of misdiagnosis

The opportunity presented itself to World Multiple Sclerosis DayWhich falls on May 30 every year. Raffaella Minoia took to her Instagram to talk about it Personal dramaShe revealed herself for the first time to her long-time audience: “Anyone who knows me knows that I never talk about my private life. But today I want to make an exception because yesterday was World Multiple Sclerosis Day and after many years I decided to share with youAn experience that affected me deeply He wrote that it changed the course of my life.

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“Years ago, a little later Physical illnessesI have been diagnosed with one autoimmune disease communicate Neuropathy. This disease gradually led to atrophy of some muscles, and the prognosis was very harsh. I’ve been through some very dark times and I’ve been gone for a long time Two years of treatment “At Gemili Hospital, where I received immunoglobulin and aggressive cortisone-based treatment,” added author Maria De Filippi, who recounted in detail what happened to her and how she was treated.

The treatments lasted for two years and were arduous, but it was during these long periods in hospital that she realized They do not have the same symptoms as other patients in the hospital. Hence the decision to seek a second consultation to understand what was happening to her body. Thus she discovered that she did not suffer from the disease with which she was diagnosed.

How do I discover a medical error?

“Fortunately, this diagnosis ruled out autoimmune disease. At the time I did not feel like reporting the doctors who had committed the crime.” Errors in diagnosiseven if they caused me Serious physical and psychological problems “Because of two years of cortisone treatment,” added Raffaella Menoia, who also explained why she decided only now to share her experience.

“This experience has made me particularly sensitive and I would like there to be a greater commitment from everyone in supporting donations for research into this disease. And A devastating disease Only those who suffer from it truly know its meaning. “I hope my testimony will be useful,” he concluded, highlighting the importance of basic research to get the right development of a treatment capable of helping as many people as possible.

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An episode that belongs to her past but affected her deeply. For this reason, Rafaela Minoia feels this topic closely and believes that she should support all people who are still fighting against the evil that still often brings us face to face. Serious diagnosesto an unappealing fate that now more than ever requires, a Therapeutic approach An advanced treatment capable of improving the lives of those who face illness every day.