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Plot, previews, when on air

The eight-part series is based on Clinton’s novel The Book of Courageous Women.

Starting Friday, September 9, on the paid entertainment platform Camelthe new docu series titled Bold stories about courage. The producer has a starring role Hillary ClintonPrevious city ​​policeand his daughter Chelsea.

Bold Stories of Courage, the Clintons are the Executive Producers

The series consists of eight episodes. for production, in addition to CamelCompanies worked Hidden Light Productions and the Left / Right LLC. The Clintons mentioned above are the executive producers of the project. Other manufacturers Siobhan SenertonAnd the johnny webAnd the Roma KhannaAnd the Banks TarverAnd the Anna Chai And the Ken Druckerman.

Bold stories about courage Takes a cue from the bestseller in New York time titled daring women book Written by Clinton and first published in October 2019.

Bold stories plot courage

Bold stories of courage, the series wants to be a tribute to women

In different episodes of Bold stories about courage Stories of salvation and success are told, from a social and economic point of view. The goal is to honor some of the leading advocates of the women’s world in the United States (and beyond). To achieve this goal, in each episode Hilary and Chelsea meet diary heroines who are able to leave an indelible mark on the world. Moreover, as the series develops, the bond between mother and daughter emerges. Finally, there will be moments to reflect on important issues of our time.

Who appears in the series?

Many female advocates were met by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during the Audacious Stories of Courage series. In the first class Glennon Doyle, the author who often talks about mental disorders and eating in her works. Appears later Jane GoodallAn English anthropologist best known for her studies of chimpanzee behaviour.

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Bold - stories of brave heroes

Then Hillary and Chelsea spoke to Mariska Hargitay. The actress is also well known in Italy thanks to the interpretation of Detective Olivia Benson Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Thanks to this role, Hargitay won Emmy Award it’s a Golden Globes.

in Bold stories about courage Actresses get involved Goldie Hong (Soldier Julia on orders And the cactus flowers) and my daughter Kate Hudson (always famous). Moreover, among the many guests there is a young rapper Megan Thee Stallionpresenter Amber Raven A former soccer player for the United States national team Abby Wambach. Finally, there is no shortage of Kim kardashian. The entrepreneur is known worldwide for being the protagonist of the series Kardashians Who is expected to start the second season Disney + Starting on September 22nd.