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NASA, Hubble shuts down due to technical problem: what does this mean for future discoveries?

NASA, Hubble shuts down due to technical problem: what does this mean for future discoveries?

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Space telescope Hubble from NASA, which has been providing us with stunning images of the universe for more than three decades, has suddenly entered safe mode. What made this space giant stop now? The failure of one of their precious gyroscopes has put scientists on alert, suspending scientific operations. But behind this unexpected event lies an even greater mystery: What celestial secrets will Hubble hold for us once the problem is solved? How will this pause affect the future of space exploration?

Hubble entered safe mode on May 24, 2024 due to an ongoing problem with one of its telescopes gyroscopeTemporarily suspending its scientific operations. Despite the inconvenience, Hubble’s instruments remained stable and the telescope remained healthy.

Gyroscope Problems: Hubble in Safe Mode

Hubble automatically entered safe mode when one of the three gyroscopes began sending erroneous telemetry data. Hubble’s gyroscopes measure the telescope’s rotational speeds, which are necessary to accurately determine and control the direction it’s pointing. NASA said it will provide further updates during the first week of June ‚Äč.

NASA expects Hubble to continue making discoveries throughout this decade and perhaps into the next, in collaboration with other observatories such as the James Webb Space Telescope. Despite the gyroscope’s problems, Hubble was able to continue to operate effectively even with only one active gyroscope, putting the others in reserve.

Launched in 1990, Hubble has been observing the universe for more than three decades, and recently celebrated its 34th anniversary. During the 2009 maintenance mission, six new gyros were installed, three of which are still operational, including those that are currently problematic. NASA continues to work to resolve the problem and return the telescope to normal scientific operations

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