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“I don't know how this will end.”  Then, dig into Luis Salle

“I don't know how this will end.” Then, dig into Luis Salle

Wild moss Towards closure? The future of podcasting is uncertain FedezWhich ended in the middle of a legal battle between the rapper and his former partner Louis Salt, owner of 50% of the shares. Yesterday, February 27, the YouTuber announced through his press office that the Milan court has entrusted the 50% of the company so far in the hands of Fedez to a trustee to prevent him from selling it to a third party. The singer explained that the program will continue for the time being, but the words of the new partner, Mr. Mara, leave the question open.

What Mr. Mara said

During his Cerbero podcast, Mr. Mara commented on the story as follows: “They are making the appropriate assessments, but regardless of how this story ended, I was fine.” Then he added: “It has been a beautiful and very difficult ten months.”

Then Mr. Mara spoke about Louis Salle: “I can't express myself because I know a lot of things that are not public that I wouldn't do, I only explain what is already public. During these ten months, I said nothing about the disputes between Luis Salle and Fedez and about the mistakes made by both of them.” After that, he searched the YouTuber: “This amazing news appeared: Muschio Selvaggio is designed by Luis Salle. And it bombed on all pages: You idiot Etc. Only a note was taken from the press office where partial things were reported.”

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