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How's the Weather, Fanoni's “Prophecy” Freeze Zero: Horns and Spells

How's the Weather, Fanoni's “Prophecy” Freeze Zero: Horns and Spells

Among the guests on Sunday 21 April at Che tempo che fa, in Fabio Fazio sul Nove, Renato Zero was the hero of one of the funniest skits. The singer presented his new song, A Hymn to Life, and then talked about the relationship that binds him to life. At a certain point in the interview, Fabio Fazio mentioned the close friendship between Zero and Ornella Fanone, a regular guest on the Sunday program. At that moment, the broadcaster called Ornella and elegantly stormed into the interview with her old friend. The two singers reminisced about the golden times of their teenage friendship, leaving room for funny and somewhat sweet anecdotes. “Before I was a mess! I was always drunk, and I still remember the night of one of my birthdays when I came back and fell on the bed…and then they put a pacemaker in me,” Fanoni began. “On the other hand, I have a pillar in my heart,” Renato Zero said later. “Then they will put a pacemaker in you,” she replied. At that point, Zero quipped “Let me get to it”, to much laughter from the studio audience and from Fazio himself.

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Then the interview took a more serious turn: “I have to publicly congratulate Ornella,” Renato Zero admitted, “because she deserves everything that life has been able to offer her.” […]And above all, her clarity is enviable even for a boy of twenty, and her memory is so vivid that it almost allows her to live by flight.” “She flies, and she never puts her feet on the ground.” Then Fanoni replied to her friend with sarcasm: “Indeed I keep falling,” he said, referring to her recent accidents. Fazio's interview also entertained the audience at home and web users, who immediately engaged in tweets and memes, which have already gone viral, about the most trivial moments of the joyous spectacle.

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