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How will the restaurant operate from today 7/16

How will the restaurant operate from today 7/16

A report on the new measures that will be implemented as of today 16/7 in restaurants and entertainment venues – Central Star News Bulletin 15/7

Started From today, July 16, restaurants, entertainment venues and entertainment centers will operate with a new system After the spread of coronavirus cases in our country and the rapid spread of the highly contagious Delta strain.

An Inter-Ministerial Decision (JMD) which will define the new procedures applicable to catering is expected to be published in the next few hours.

According to the information, there is a change in strategy, compared to what is known so far, for the rules that will apply to outdoor recreation centers. Bouzouki outdoors, bars and clubs serve only as pure spaces for immunizations and patients, at 85% capacity and for seating only.

ECDC Maps: In “red” for Attica and Crete

The restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and entertainment venues described in detail will operate as follows:

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  • Until August 31 Attendance is permitted in all entertainment venues Seated customers only
  • from Entertainment venues are closed until July 16 and August 31 (Restaurants, cinemas, theaters) can work For vaccinations only as it is 85% free from COVID-19
  • especially for Only indoor leisure centers with pure space can cover 85% of the usable areaConditions for respecting distances and precautionary measures. All nightclubs, indoor and outdoor, operate according to the distance rules generally applicable to catering
  • Owners of outdoor leisure activities can voluntarily choose to become pure landowners
  • The the palace Can enter catering and entertainment centers Only with self-test and parental approval in pure spaces.
  • All outdoor recreation venues, such as bouzouki and clubs, will be open and open only to those who have been vaccinated.
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Heavy fines and strict controls

Fines for entrepreneurs and customers who do not comply with the preventive measures will be high.

first offense

  • For warehouses with an area of ​​200 square meters. Administrative fine of €2000 for the company/legal person and suspension from the day following the violation for a period of 7 calendar days.
  • For warehouses of more than 200 square meters an administrative fine of 5,000 euros for the company / legal person and suspended from the day following the violation and for a period of 7 calendar days.

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second crime

  • For all shops regardless of size, an administrative fine of €10,000 and suspension of activity from the day following the offense and for 15 calendar days.

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third crime

  • For all stores regardless of surface area, temporary removal of store license for 60 calendar days.
  • It should be noted that the basis of the second and third violation is sufficient to commit any violation between the two mentioned in the left column. Sanctions may also be imposed after the violation has been committed on the basis of the elements from which the violation itself stems.

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Distinctive signs that will be available in restaurants and entertainment venues

From July 16 to August 31, as part of the pandemic measures, there will be three different signs:

‘Covid-free space’ – This sign will attest that each person entering the site has a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of illness.

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‘Full fortified crew’ The sign will be placed in stores where all employees have been confirmed to be vaccinated.

“mixed space” Participants must be vaccinated, have a certificate of illness or a negative Covid test (72 hours for PCR/molecular or 48 hours for rapid tests).

Mixed area sign

Participants must be vaccinated or have a negative certificate of illness or a Covid test

Focus: How to enter

Upon arriving at a restaurant or nightclub, entrepreneurs will do their business Checks arrive with the new “Covid Free GR” app, presented on Tuesday by the Minister of Digital Reform, K. Perakakis.

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Through this application, which can be downloaded by the employer or the manager on his mobile phone, they will be able to verify the authenticity of the digital vaccination certificate, which will contain only the name of the employer for identity verification and not contain any other information.

The certificate will be scanned and the application will automatically show the corresponding color. Green indicates vaccinations or who has fallen ill, yellow will “resume” the state of the controls and red will mean invalid certificates.

Covid Free Gr: How will the step-by-step vaccination check app work

It should be noted that each company on the basis of its declaration will receive in green and yellow, while – as indicated – the verification will be carried out without data retention or verification history, as it is carried out in full consultation and on the basis of the semantics of the employees of the data protection guarantor.

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