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How much is spent and who pays for concluding a lease or rental agreement

How much is spent and who pays for concluding a lease or rental agreement

At first glance, it is cheaper to rent a house than to buy it, but some costs are already inevitable at the initial stage. For example, few people know how much they are spending and who is paying to enter into a lease or lease agreement.

In the meantime, clarification should be provided in terms of terminology. What is commonly referred to as a “rent agreement” is actually a lease agreement by law. So an apartment is rented for residential use.

How should the lease contract be determined?

The lease agreement must be in writing and this is realistic What the landlord and tenant should write to avoid problems at the end of the lease.

The notarized public deed is not mandatory, but the so-called notarized private deed is sufficient. It is a contract written independently by both parties and signed by both parties. In order not to make mistakes and not be bound by the Halter Terms, it is better if they are written by a lawyer or by trade associations of owners or renters.

How much is spent and who pays for concluding a lease or rental agreement

Once the contract is signed, the first expense to be incurred is created. In fact, the contract must be registered with the Revenue Agency and the registration tax must be paid.

How much do you pay

It depends on the tax system you have chosen for this contract. With the so-called “regular system”, in fact, both the registration tax and stamp duty are paid. For residential homes, the registration tax is equal to 2% of the annual rent, multiplied by the number of years stipulated in the contract. For the rental of productive properties, on the other hand, such as trusts or warehouses, the rates are variable.

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Half of the registration tax is charged to the landlord and tenant. Alternatively, the stamp duty is the purchase of a stamp fee of €16 per 4 pages of the contract. Existing marks are applied to the origin of the contract.

Dry Coupon System

For apartments rented for residential purposes, you can choose the dry coupon tax system. This is a convenient tax system, which makes you spend less. In fact, on the rent they get, the landlord will pay 21% tax or 10% if the rent is agreed upon. However, in the case of the normal system, the landlord pays rent taxes in the percentage of the income tax bracket he resides in according to his income.

How to register

The lease is registered by filling in RLI model It is available on the website of the Revenue Agency.

The taxpayer can provide himself or herself with the services of the Revenue Agency via the Internet or by going to the Agency’s offices. It is clear that coffee shops, landlords and tenants associations or the real estate agency that put the parties in contact can also provide.

It is not certain that the lease will end peacefully. May be Withdrawing in advance from the rental contract for reasons established by law.