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Vehicle on fire on A1: Motorists stranded in heavy sun.  15 km line

Vehicle on fire on A1: Motorists stranded in heavy sun. 15 km line

Sequence in A1

Calenzano (Florence), 14 August 2021 – A nightmare with a thermometer over 40 degrees stuck in the motorway. A dream come true for many motorists this afternoon at the Autostrada del Sol Barberino e Calenzano. Section A1 was closed in both directions due to the car burning at a speed of 273 + 300 km / h LPG. Inside the closed section, traffic is blocked in both directions, starting at the Variante de Valico junction with a 6 km line towards Florence and a 4 km line in the direction of Bologna.

Inside the closed section, traffic is restricted for 6 km. Those traveling to Florence can return to Calenzano via provincial road 8 Barbarines after the compulsory Barberino exit (5 km queue specified). In the opposite direction, a 5 km line is formed between the junction with Complanare di Firenze Nord and Variante di Valico.

After the compulsory Barberino exit, you can return to Calenzano after taking the Provincial Road 08 Military Barbarino. Reverse route towards Bologna. The site is home to Autostrade per el Italia, fire brigade, traffic police and all mechanical ambulance vehicles.

Fires in the forests of Sioux in the municipality of Calenzano also reached the fire: forest fire volunteers and firefighters intervened, but the situation was complicated by inaccessible area and traffic was blocked.

Update: EThe area towards Bologna reopened after 4 p.m. At 4.45pm the 15km queue reopened towards Florence.