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How much exercise should you do to be happy?  Science Answer: LOLnews

How much exercise should you do to be happy? Science Answer: LOLnews

How much exercise should you do to be happy? Yes, because happiness depends on psychological well-being rather than money (which is still needed, and pointless, to overcome it). Physical activity in this is a valuable ally, as it allows for The release of endorphins and serotonin, Also known as Happiness hormones. So it is important to take some time during the day to dedicate yourself to physical exercise. But how many minutes does it take to release these substances that are so important to our happiness?

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I am studying

The question was answered by the University of Michigan in the United States, which explained how 10 minutes of physical activity every day is enough for older people. For others a few more minutes. In the survey center there are about 20 studies on this topic. The results have been published in the scientific journal Journal of Happiness Studies. This clearly shows that those who dedicate themselves consistently to physical activity have a 52% better chance of leading a happy life. As your daily exercise minutes decrease, so does your likelihood of feeling happy in every sense of the word.

How many sports should you do in a day?

But specifically, how much exercise does one need to do to be happy? There is no exaggerationIt depends on both the age and the health conditions of each individual. Already 10 minutes is a reasonable time to release endorphins and serotonin. The guidelines talk about 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Going further isn’t very helpful, and it can even be counter-productive.

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The important thing is to move

If you are wondering which exercises are especially suited to achieving happiness, the good news is that it is worth it. No physical activity will make you happier than others. It is important to keep track of your tendencies: you can do cardio, brisk walking, jog, ride a bike or swim well. Sports like tennis, futsal, weightlifting, and dancing are also good. The important thing is to move.